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About DCA

We work with leaders who are committed to achieving improvements to people’s lives on a large scale.  They understand that big challenges defy easy solutions, and require creating partnerships and public will, new sources of support and strategies that are relentlessly goal oriented.  We have almost two decades of experience in creating such conditions through strategic planning, partnership development and resource development.

Leaders enlist our help when they:

  • wish to design and launch a new initiative;
  • need to reorganize and reenergize an effort that has stalled or is simply not producing the results they want; or
  • want help in mobilizing the resources needed to succeed

DCA has served leading foundations, health institutions, workforce development boards, municipalities, public health leaders, United Ways, and international NGOs and leadership consortiums.

We have had the privilege of helping them:

  • improve literacy, children’s school readiness, high school and college completion and workforce development;
  • reduce preventable health problems;
  • improve health care delivery; and
  • create economic opportunity.

If you would like to discuss your aspirations and challenges, please contact:

Stephen Greeley
DCA, Inc.
Phone: 508.875.0663