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Thrive in 5

Thrive in 5Ensuring Universal School Readiness

Champion Institutions: Office of the Mayor, City of Boston, United Way of Massachusetts Bay and the Merrimack Valley, Boston Medical Center, Partners HealthCare System, Children’s Hospital Boston, Boston Community Partnerships for Children

DCA led the planning of Thrive in Five, a comprehensive school readiness roadmap and partnership aimed at securing universal school readiness for Boston kindergartners to help eliminate education achievement gaps.  The plan, the result of a public and private collaboration that engaged over 400 individuals, lays out powerful goals and well-researched strategies to strengthen early childhood education, engage and support children’s families, and rapidly identify and address physical, mental and social health problems that undermine children’s ability to learn:

Parents will be able to obtain the accurate, culturally appropriate information they seek on child development, parenting, and school readiness, as well as community resources that help to strengthen families.

Boston will become the city with the highest quality early education and care system for all young children – infants, toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners – in all settings: family child care, private/community-based centers, Head Start/Early Head Start, and school-based early education.

Health care, early intervention and other systems that serve young children will succeed in earlier detection and more effective responses to barriers to child development and school readiness, including earlier detection of family and environmental conditions that can create “toxic stress” in young children.

Thrive in Five will track and report on its success in ensuring universal school readiness.

Thrive in Five is unique in that it addresses all dimensions of children’s development and learning.  It is a ten-year movement that for the first time aligns families, educators, health and human service providers, the private sector, and City departments working in collaboration with State agencies to ensure that all children will be ready for sustained school success.  To date, Thrive in Five has attracted more than $7 million in public and private sector investment.

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