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Our Approach

Social causes are transformative forces. They activate the desire within individuals and institutions to serve others and generate the will and the resources to make things happen. Causes transform lives, communities and even the world at large. We orchestrate progress through a methodology created by DCA called Cause Development.

Cause Development:

  • translates problems or issues into aspirations
  • mobilizes institutional and grass roots partners and aligns them in shared purpose and strategies
  • creates or strengthens systems within and across institutions and sectors
  • helps mobilize major funding and other critical resources
  • establishes the foundation for sustained progress and a constantly growing community of supporters

Vision and Goals

  • SMART – specific, measurable, attainable, realistic & timely

Cause Leadership

The driver of involvement & progress

  • Bold, respected, focused on results & clear strategies
  • Capacity to mobilize resources, commitment & clout
  • Ability to frame the cause in ways that encourage others to participate

Authentic, Durable Partnerships

The capacity for involvement & broad reach

  • Committed & sustained
  • Capable of high impact
  • Organized & mutually reinforcing

Strategic Road Map

The path to results

  • Well-defined strategic roles & action plans to achieve targeted results
  • Utilizes the Results-Based Accountability Framework

Resource Mobilization

The fuel for action

  • Strategic philanthropy
  • Public sector investment
  • Program support
  • Communication support